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Hone your skills, 

Gauge your strength.

Nurture your uniqueness,

And evolve yourself.

In today’s day and age, job boundaries constantly blur, with more niches opening up and new knowledge required. A recent report by the World Economic Forum stated the necessity of upgrading skills that we have learned to those we need. Most of these include developing social and emotional skills like critical thinking, people management, and negotiation. The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 has been a pivot to multidisciplinary learning in our country. Evolving Being, established as a response to these changes, aims to support students in transitioning from early specialization to broad-based education and adapt to the new-age institutions coming up.

Evolving Being is an admissions consultancy for applying to liberal arts institutions across India. We are the first that focuses exclusively on liberal arts admissions. Each individual has a unique story and set of experiences. Our offerings are very niche, and we pull out nuances from your skillset instead of following a generalized, linear pattern of getting through. We believe in nurturing your story and help you put your best foot forward for pursuing the life of your dreams. With Evolving Being, you will learn to stretch your wings and reach your dream destination.

All of us learn and grow at different stages of life. The name Evolving Being is rooted in this spirit of learning throughout our life. Take the example of your cellphone - you need to upgrade the software every few months and replace it with a new one every few years. Similarly, we need to keep abreast with new developments and upgrade our skill sets to match the changing world. That is evolution, and we capture this essence at Evolving Being. 

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Our Commitment 

● Perspective shift

The Indian education system currently focuses on the ‘I’ shaped model of education. As early as 16 years of age, students choose an area of specialization and commit the next 4-5 years to it without understanding the domain. Liberal Arts, on the other hand, focuses on a ‘T’ shaped model of education, where each child goes through foundational courses before choosing an area of specialization. With the advent of NEP, we anticipate more institutions adopting the ‘T’ shaped education model. We, at Evolving Being, help you align your profile for a holistic education model and support you in choosing the right liberal arts colleges according to your need.

● Singular focus 

Unlike other admissions consultants, we have an exclusive focus on liberal arts colleges. We do not distract ourselves with every course and every college out there. Instead, with an eagle eye, we zoom into your target and make it a priority for us. We understand the need of the new-age institutions, research well to keep ourselves updated, and offer end-to-end services to make your aspirations come true. 

● Uniqueness

With liberal arts being a niche industry, n number of marks does not guarantee a seat in the institution. Instead, liberal Arts institutions look for the student’s profile, overall achievements, extracurriculars, and other interests. Evolving Being helps you embrace your uniqueness and put your best foot forward in the application process. 

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Our Focus

● Motivation

The trends in education are changing rapidly, and we see a vast section of students opting for liberal arts courses in the future. With educational policymakers in sync with this change, we can expect a new boom of courses and career options. Therefore, we are motivated to support you in making the change in your educational journey.

Helping students develop self-awareness and hone their unique talents is one of our fundamental areas of expertise. In addition, the sense of satisfaction that we get after students are accepted into the course of choice is a source of unparalleled joy and motivation to do better.

● Offerings

Our collaborative approach helps you get closer to your dreams. Your journey with us can begin with assistance to liberal arts entrance exam preparation like the Ashoka aptitude test, KREA immersion day, amongst other entrances. We also guide you through profile building, career guidance, application review, interview preparation, and everything in between. In addition, we have a vision of expanding into soft skill development courses in the future. 

Our Values

● Responsible counseling

With immense experience in the liberal arts education sector, one of our primary values at Evolving Being is to provide responsible counseling to students. We give you a realistic picture of where you stand, how you can improve, and what you can choose to specialize in. We do not make false promises or guarantee your admission; instead, we focus on how we can help you get there. We help you understand both your strengths and weaknesses and counsel on how to hone them to suit the course you are applying to.

● Transparency 

Our course modules, systems, and processes are specially designed and structured to suit the liberal arts admission requirement. We are transparent in our process and give you clear expectations on the delivery. We run you through our detailed offerings, the course curriculum, and our approach to get you there. We also go beyond admissions and consulting and support you with last-mile counseling to narrow down to the college of your choice after receiving several acceptance offers. Our ethics are strongly led to help students become self-aware of their unique skillset and bring out the best version of themselves. 

● Holistic development 

We at Evolving Being believe in helping you be an all-rounder and boost your profile to learn and grow holistically. Our mentorship focuses on essential real-life skills to survive in the practical world, which is often missed out in schools and colleges. Through the process, you will notice that your application gets strengthened and a significant improvement in your thought process and the way you present yourself in front of others. We are also expanding our services to include soft skills such as personal branding, public speaking, resume building, amongst others.

● Data privacy

Through the process, there may be occasions where you share personal details from your life with us. We assure you that your credentials and personal profile will remain confidential with us. We do not share our student’s data with any third party.

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