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Manager, Applications

Manager, Outreach

Test Prep Specialist (Part-Time Role)


Job Responsibilities


  • Working with students to build their applications, preparing them for on-the-spot essay, interviews and other formats in the admissions process. Training and guidance will be offered.

  • Tracking university timelines and aligning it to the students' timeline.

  • Proactively engaging with colleges, students and alumni to stay up to date on current events.


  • Responding to daily queries over email and calls

  • Tracking all responses on google drive

  • Periodically following up on queries

Other tasks

  • Creating process documents to streamline various existing and upcoming verticals

  • Collecting feedback and using it to constantly improve our services

  • Researching and writing content for the website and other social media platforms

  • Updating the website with new announcements.

  • Start a newsletter to collate trends in the higher education sector.


Job Responsibilities

Social Media Management

  • End-to-end responsible for Social Media Management across different platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora among others

  • Creating separate outreach strategies (nature of posts, frequency etc.) for each platform and executing the same in a timely manner

  • Brainstorming, scripting, shooting/recording, editing, and managing videos on YouTube aligned to Evolving Being’s vision

  • Co-ordinating with other members of the team for curating content for different platforms

  • Proficient in graphic designing tools for creating visuals (posts, jifs, short videos etc.)

Digital Marketing

  • Thorough understanding of online marketing tools such as Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Instagram Ads, Facebook ads etc.

  • Curating and monitoring different ad campaigns to create awareness on Evolving Being’s offerings.

Other Tasks

  • Support in designing and updating the website as and when required.

  • Support outreach engagements as and when required by the team


Job Responsibilities

  • Help prepare and deliver modules for covering the Ashoka Aptitude Test Syllabus.

  • Help prepare and deliver modules for covering the FLAME Entrance Aptitude Test (FEAT)

  • Help prepare and deliver modules for covering the Jindal Scholastic Aptitude Test (JSAT)

  • Support in other test prep related engagements that may come up

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