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We help you get closer to your goals

Evolution of the journey 

Our founder, Garima Shekhar, started one-on-one counselling for students aiming to get into liberal arts universities in 2014. Over the years, she has interacted with 10,000+ students from 100+ schools and colleges across the country and understands the core challenges students struggle with while choosing colleges and careers. She has 5+ years of experience in the consulting space. Additionally, her work experience in institution-building equips her to understand institutions' perspectives of looking at student profiles while building their class.

This has given her an extraordinary advantage in handling students and understanding their profiles. In March 2020, seeing students' need for access to these services online, she started Evolving Being. It is backed by an immense experience of working with students from diverse backgrounds, skill sets, and aspirations. 

Evolving Being has been selected for the Accelerator Program offered by TechnoServe, a 60-year-old nonprofit working across 40 nations, in partnership with IIM Bangalore, India's leading business school. We are a venture that is well respected in the industry.

Currently, Garima is a graduate student at Harvard University pursuing an Ed.M. program in Education Leadership, Organisation, and Entrepreneurship. She is currently based in Boston, where she actively guides her team based in India. 

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● Experience 

Our founder brings a vast array of experiences in the education sector. She was a core member of the Founding Projects team that launched the undergraduate batch of Ashoka University, a pioneering liberal arts university in India modelled on Ivy Leagues institutions in the US. She was on the interview panel with the Founders and Faculty of the university to shortlist students for the undergraduate and postgraduate program, Young India Fellowship. She has travelled extensively across the country, met students from different walks of life, and understood their current key challenges. Additionally, she has been the Assistant Program Director at Shakthi Fellowship, a unique fellowship program for women that rekindles their inherent attributes as creative problem-solvers, courageous entrepreneurs, and conscientious leaders.

She is currently a graduate student at Harvard University pursuing an Ed.M. in Education Leadership, Organisation, and Entrepreneurship. She has previously studied Economics at Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi. She also received a 100% scholarship to pursue Young India Fellowship. Garima displayed sustained academic excellence in school and graduated as the first rank holder in class XII boards.

● Quick turnaround time  

We at Evolving Being understand your requirements thoroughly. We have a quick turnaround time of two days for reviewing requests, feedback on essay submissions, discussions, and other inquiries.

● Flexible schedule

We help students balance the entire admission training process and their existing schedules. We can customize our tailor-made courses to fit your current deadlines. For instance, a one-month course covering the verbal group discussion session for the Ashoka Aptitude Test can be covered at an even pace of two months or crunched to a tight schedule of two weeks. This flexibility helps students cope easily with sessions in parallel with their other commitments.

● Aligning to future needs

Our consultancy thrives on continuous learning and research- we practice what we preach. We believe that the world thrives on uniqueness and new ideas. Our curriculum is well-researched and up to date with what each university or school will require from its applicants. We are also in receipt of all the changes in the fast-paced world to provide students with the exposure they need to create opportunities for themselves.

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